About us
Palasts is the first AI-based interior designer that brings your individual living style to the fullest.
What we stand for
We're on a mission to change the way people find their dream home. For this we use the latest methods of machine learning paired with the know-how of experienced living psychologists and interior design experts. The Palasts experience is curated and tailored to you. We are here to help you save time, really feel comfortable at home and develop your personal living style over time.
Why we are here today
It took our founder Leonie almost four years to plan and build her own home and choose the right interior design. After many frustrating visits of furniture online shops, furniture stores and architects, she decided to develop the first AI-based interior design consultant. Together with Aleksandra Kudaeva, an experienced mathematician and data analyst, she finally founded Palasts in 2021 - with the aim of enabling people to determine their individual living style free of charge and to receive great, suitable furnishing suggestions with little effort that make their homes more liveable.

Our Team
Managing Directors
Leonie Dowling
Chief Executive Officer
Leonie is responsible for all commercial functions in the company.
Alexandra Kudaeva
Chief Data Officer
Alexandra is responsible for data, technologies
and methods of analysis at the Palace.

Team & Experts
Uwe Linke
Living Psychology Expert
Maksim Krylovetsky
Technical Consultant
Emil Hopf
Full Stack Developer